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CASTER - Centre for advanced empirical research and trends

CASTER's mission stems from the needs of the local and wider community, the academic community's needs in Istria, and the FET employee as well as from 50 years tradition. FET's scientific staff, in addition to surveys dealing with problems in the immediate environment, has an interest in exploring processes in a wider social environment (not just Croatia). It is precisely this that results from the mission of the Center, spreading research beyond narrow geographic boundaries through the use of modern empirical methods (econometrics, system dynamics, spectral analysis) to establish strong research links with Centers and researchers from the international environment. The Mission of the Center enables the establishment of an international research profile at FET since it is easier to get through the Center than through individual efforts. The Center will thus allow researchers to focus on FET tasks through the development of a collaborative environment based on teamwork, while the Center itself through its activities will attract international research interest to researchers at FET. In addition to the establishment of FET on the international research map as a focused and important research punk, by applying modern empirical research methods, numerous problems and limitations of crucial importance to the business and local administration and self-management of the Istrian County and Croatia will be analyzed. Within the Center, the following documents have been produced independently or in cooperation with the partners:

  1. Economic Development Strategy of the City of Pula
  2. Master Plan of Tourism Development of the Municipality of Medulin
  3. Strategy of Economic Development of the City of Poreč
  4. A strategy for sustainable tourism development in Labin
  5. Tourism Development Strategy of the City of Pula
  6. Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism in the City of Pula
  7. Analysis of the impact of VAT rates on hotel and tourism services on tourism competitiveness
  8. Estimation of the economic effects of the 2018 and 2019 World Rally Championships.