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Center for European Research (CERPU)

The Center for European Research at Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (CERPU) has been formally established in December 2014 with the objective of promoting academic debate on EU issues within a multidisciplinary, network-based research center, and disseminating research results to a wider audience through public events, publishing activities under the auspices of the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (UNIPU) and social media outlets. CERPU aims to:

  1. Foster academic reflection on various EU integration issues within and outside the UNIPU,
  2. Engage Croatian academics in interuniversity and multidisciplinary collaboration in this respect,
  3. Raise visibility and accessibility of academic research and lastly, to influence national policy makers.

CERPU enhances research and reflection on European studies at the UNIPU by initiating a policy debate with experts outside the academia through a series of organized events, mainstreaming and disseminating research findings of project team members through a clearly developed publishing plan under the auspice of the University, and by attracting/involving a wider audience to actively participate in EU policy debate. At the same time CERPU fosters the transfer of knowledge to envisaged target groups

CERPU’s organizational structure

The CERPU is organizationally and administratively affiliated to the Faculty of Economics and Tourism at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula.

The CERPU has a streamlined operative structure, which consists of its affiliated researchers and a small management team, represented by CERPU director, prof. Ines Kersan-Škabić and research coordinator, ass. prof. Marta Božina Beroš.