Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Objectives and activities

CERPU sets out to enhance the quality of research on various aspects of European studies within the Croatian academic community, by fostering high-quality, policy-relevant multidisciplinary research, as well as to mainstream the knowledge on relevant issues through publishing activities of the University and events’ organization. By placing academic research and learning at the heart of the project’s activities, the CERPU creates both a real and virtual (i.e. website and open-educational resources) reference center for European integration studies through an active community of individual researchers – within and outside the UNIPU, working together across disciplinary and regional boundaries to produce current research for use not only by academics, but also policy experts and the private sector, as well as new teaching instruments. Operationally, the CERPU acts a focal point and institutional support for the study of different facets of the EU within the UNIPU and at national level, through coordination of teaching missions, support of research, community-building among researchers and students, and outreach beyond the UNIPU.

The Center’s long-term objective is to gather researchers with a comprehensive, substantial, and multi-disciplinary expertise in European studies, spanning from economics, law, history, political sciences and other social sciences and humanities as well as to include research on European languages and literature. The Center’s research excellence will enhance visibility of the UNIPU and its Faculty of Economics and Tourism within the European research area, as well as position affiliated members as reliable consultants on EU integration issues toward the Croatian and EU policymakers.