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Keynote speakers

Keynote presentation 1: The Implications of Generative AI in the Future of Marketing


Generative AI is reshaping the contours of marketing as we know it. This presentation explores this transformative shift by going through the genesis of generative models, their role in contemporary marketing strategies, and the ethical challenges they pose. This session will explore their increasingly pivotal role in contemporary marketing strategies, from content creation to customer engagement. But with great power comes great responsibility. As we navigate the potential of these tools, we will also confront the ethical challenges they pose, discussing the implications for consumer privacy, authenticity, and the broader societal impacts.


João Guerreiro, PhD
Assistant Professor of Marketing at Instituto Universitário de Lisboa - Iscte in Portugal


João Guerreiro holds the position of Vice-Director at Iscte's Business Research Unit (BRU). His research interests primarily revolve around the technological shifts in Marketing, with publications discussing the business implications of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, he has contributed to top journals on subjects like sustainability and cause-related marketing. Some of the journals featuring his work include the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Business Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and European Journal of Marketing.


Keynote presentation 2: AI @ Infobip

This presentation will explore products and solutions of a global leader in omnichannel communication and a first Croatian unicorn, Infobip. It will further present how artificial intelligence is embedded in Infobip products along with a demonstration of building of a simple AI-based assistant chatbot. 

Aleksandar Raic
VP People and Transformation at Infobip

Aleksandar Raic holds a Master in Computer Science and during his career he developed across additional areas, including Organizational Change Management. He has rich experience implementing SAP and other IT solutions across the world, running CIO roles, and leading several M&A and post-merger integrations for Teva Pharmaceutical. Business transformation is his focus area. He believes that digitalization and integration are the key success factors for business growth if done by motivated people.

Aleksandar is a people-oriented professional who promotes creativity in solution design combined with discipline in its execution. In addition to his international mindset, he is characterized by optimism and positivity.