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Eisenstadt, 14 May 2019 – The UAS  Burgenland cooperates with six international partner universities within the framework of two unique doctoral programmes. "About five years ago, we were pioneers in the organisation of cooperative, cross-border and international doctoral programmes," explains programme director Irena Zavrl. On 11 May, the first four alumni graduated in the festive atmosphere of Schloss Esterházy in Eisenstadt, Austria. Among the most prominent guests were the rectors and vice-rectors of the partner universities:  University of Bratislava (Slovak Republic), University of Pula (Croatia), University of Sopron (Hungary), University  North(Croatia), University of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic). The academic oath was given by the rector of the University of Sopron, Prof. Dr. Sc. András Náhlik. The UAS Burgenland also awarded two honorary professorships during the event.

Current topics at the highest academic level

Tax harmonisation, economic diplomacy, Euroscepticism and the ICT sector in the Croatian economy - these were the topics the doctoral students researched under the scientific guidance of their doctoral fathers and mothers at the respective partner universities. The first year was spent at the UAS  Burgenland in Eisenstadt. They were then sent to a partner university depending on the chosen research area. Their studies comprised 180 ECTS points, which corresponds to about 4,500 working hours over a period of at least three years. The programme was conducted entirely in English. The academic title acquired is recognised in Austria, throughout the European Union and worldwide. 

The future belongs to you

Throughout the entire duration of her studies, Irena Zavrl was always at the side of her doctoral students. "I am very proud today because our new doctors have achieved tremendous results and achieved the highest academic degree. Through their perseverance, their extraordinary performance and this success, they have proven that the future belongs to them". The doctoral ceremony, which was attended by a very international audience, was attended not only by the rectors of the partner universities but also by all dissertation supervisors and all international lecturers involved in the doctoral programme. During the event, the UAS Burgenland awarded the title of Honorary Professor to the two professors Csaba Székely (university of Sopron) and Marinko Škare (University of Pula).

They received their joint doctorate diplomas

  • Hašaj Klaudija:Euroscepticism and its Nexus to the Educational Attainment ED 58 within the European Union
  • Damira Keček:Development and application of the modified model of ICT sectors extraction in the Croatian economy
  • Ivona Peternel:Economic Diplomacy. Concept for Economic Prosperity in Croatia
  • Martin Setnicka:Tax harmonization in the European Union – analysis of the opportunity of improving the overall tax strategy of the European Union.


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